Add More Charm to Your Eyes by Choosing the Right Eyeliner

For many women, defining the outline of the eyes is one of the most basic parts of their makeup routine. Sometimes, however, overzealous use of the eyeliner can have disastrous effects. Other times, the application is a tad too little and doesn’t add any value to the eyes. Contour is essential to define the shape of the eyes and to make them stand out. How thick or long, straight or arched the line should be and what shades you use are related to the shape and color of the eyes, and also the occasion you are applying your makeup for..

Use of colors is on the rise

A dark and hard color, such as black or brown, applied excessively on the lower eyelid makes your eyes appear smaller, but a thin, well-defined line, drawn with ink or sharpened pencils, or using the star colors of the summer, adds a touch of charm to the eyes. It’s a chic makeup that you can mix and match to get to a precise combination for yourself: thin or thick outline on top of your eyelid or just a neutral, perhaps golden, blush. The line must be perfectly straight or slightly upward, regardless of whether you refer to the upper or lower eyelid.

Perfect technique

If you have not yet learned the technique of applying the eyeliner symmetrically, make-up artists have tips that will help you never fail: keep your skin tense and start from the outside! Keep the chin up, eyes down and half-closed. You can first draw a line with an open-colored pencil as a guide so that it is easy to correct it later.

A little trick

White or beige eyeliner applied to the lower eyelid does wonders, ensuring a fresh and refreshed look. Draw a fine line right at the base of the lashes and blur it with your finger.

Maximum resistance

For summer, waterproof formulas are recommended, and if you do not have such a product in your kit, you can give more resistance to the pencil by attaching it to a shade of the same color, applied with a thin, slightly damp brush.

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Post Author: Kerwin Lowell