Slow Fashion is about Investing in Higher Quality Clothing

A lot of people having a full closet but complain about not having something to wear. This happens as a result of trend-driven consumption. But, as people start to invest in quality pieces, they will recognize the true value of a garment and assess its versatility. In turn, this helps them own a wardrobe with […]


You are clad in a gorgeous dress and is being led to the dance floor by the perfect date, who is looking adoringly at you. Everyone you come across gives you a lingering, admiring, head-to-foot gaze. They’re all gushing over how great you look that night, but there’s a problem – this is just a […]

Beautiful hairstyles for platinum blonde hair

This hairstyle will garner the best results if you get it done by a professional at a hair salon. You can try it for yourself as well, but it won’t give you the desired professional look that you want. Platinum blonde hair is not a natural hair color and has to be done on chemically […]

Gold Buying Online Is Easy, but Look for Reputable Stores

Gold prices keep rising and with every rise it is a belief that people will stop buying gold. But, this is never possible in India as Indians are fascinated for gold and everyone loves wearing gold that they do not mind ornamenting their neck with more necklaces. Gold importance Gold is an investment and so […]

5 Best Places to purchase Perfumes and Cosmetics in Singapore

Given a status like a shopping paradise, it’s no wonder that Singapore’s an incredible spot to buy perfumes and cosmetics in Singapore. In the end, where else on the planet you’ll find American, European and Asian products on this page? Major worldwide brands can easily be bought here, transported through the beauty halls on most […]

How to Choose the Right Salon for Your Nails

Nail care is an essential part of a woman’s life. Most women spend a lot of time and money to shape, cleanse and paint their nails to make them look attractive. This, however, doesn’t ensure proper nail health, and could also damage the nails. Damaged nails are prone to break off and result in an […]

How You Can Design a marriage Gown On Your Own

There’s no better time compared to wedding to exhibit one woman’s beauty completely. Unquestionably, each lady wants is the most breathtaking on her behalf special day. The marriage gown around the bride usually reflects her fashion in addition to her very own personality. Not each lady loves to rent or buy the ready wedding dress […]

Quick Guide To The Best Fashion Jewellery Styles Of The Moment!

Much like clothing, jewellery trends change every season, and some styles are always better than others. If you are someone who likes to stock trending fashion jewellery styles, we have listed down the things you must buy at the moment. Chunky earrings. Expect to see more of chunky and giant earrings next year. These are […]

Chinese Wedding Customs

Chinese weddings are wealthy with traditions, meaning, and rituals. For those who have Chinese heritage or are marrying an individual who does, it might be wonderful to include some Chinese wedding customs to your own big day. They are some tips about how to plan an attractive East meets West wedding. Unlike America, white-colored isn’t […]

5 main difference between leather bag and fabric bag

Decision making seems to be tough in most of the cases. And if you are not good it, you may consider it as the most difficult task in your life right now. The roadblock may arise in various situations. For example, when choosing a career after your graduation or deciding what to cook for dinner […]