Beautiful hairstyles for platinum blonde hair

This hairstyle will garner the best results if you get it done by a professional at a hair salon. You can try it for yourself as well, but it won’t give you the desired professional look that you want. Platinum blonde hair is not a natural hair color and has to be done on chemically treated hair. The color is achieved by bleaching your hair and applying different tones of blond hues until you get the desired effect. The trick to getting healthy platinum blond tresses is that you need to wait for enough time till you move onto the next step. This should be done so that your hair does not get extensively damaged.

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To keep your platinum hue intact make sure that you use a gentle blue toner or shampoo that will also combat unwanted orange tones. It does not matter if you have had your color done at home or by a professional, it is essential to take care of your hair color in the long run too.

Light Ash Blonde Tones:

This bright take on ash blonde hair makes use of light gray tones to create the illusion of white highlights rather than traditional platinum blonde. The dark roots along with low lights successfully create and dimension of color while the loose waves add volume. This hairstyle is simple, easy and pretty.

High Fashion Light Platinum:

Straight hair goes along very nicely with platinum blonde hair. By adding layers to straight hair, you provide not only layers but also a sense of dimension, depth, and interest. Platinum works well with straight hair because of the shiny appearance.

An Edgy Bob:

Short hair along with graceful side bangs is an excellent choice for a sleek, professional look. Unlike popular opinion, short hair can be versatile; you can style it edgy or casual, depending on the look you decide for the day. With all this in mind, platinum tones for short hair are an excellent choice too.

White Blond with Layered waves:

This romantic style is created by arranging long layered hair into extraordinarily loose and casual waves. This is a perfect look for the summer, and it gives out a very beachy-summery vibe. This style is incredible for white-blond hair because it can show off your blond highlights.

Fishtail braids:

Fishtail braids are a great hairstyle to show off the dimension of your hair without it looking too extravagant or messy. With an intricate twist like this, you will be able to show off your highlights and low lights in a beautiful way. Braids are a great way of maintaining long hair stylishly. They are also an excellent alternative for a standard pony or a high-top bun.

A splash of color and fun:

Adding a trace of the right color will take your platinum game to the next level. Add emerald tones along with beach waves, the resulting combination of style and color will be fantastic. This style is excellent for people who love to experiment and be bold with their hair.

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Post Author: Kerwin Lowell