Fashion For The Modern Middle-Aged Woman

As a middle-aged woman in today’s world, it can be hard to maintain a wardrobe that is both age-appropriate and stylish. Certain styles of apparel and accessories become fashionable but are not well-suited for women of a certain age group–and that can be discouraging. In this article,we’ll explore and explain different ways you can build a wardrobe that is fresh, timeless, and 100% acceptable for those of us who aren’t spring chickens anymore but want to remain up-to-date in the world of fashion.

But before we dive into the tips of the trade,the best place to start it by purging your closet of the things you KNOW are no longer stylish or appropriate for a mature modern woman. This includes any skirt or dress whose hemline hits a couple inches above the knee, spaghetti strap camisoles and tank tops (unless you’re planning to wear them underneath jackets and sweaters, then they’re okay to keep,) denim jeans that have a distressed or bedazzled look to them (nobody should really be wearing these anymore, at any age,) and cheap-looking fabrics like pleather, plastics, and knock-off suede. Once you rid your closet and dresser drawers of cheap and tacky pieces like these, you’ll be able to build on what’s left to create a stylish and mature wardrobe.

The most common concern of women considered middle-age is that they will appear like they’re trying too hard to look younger by wearing styles that are popular today. Women of nearly every age group like to feel feminine and attractive, and there are ways to do that without overreaching age appropriate fashions. In fact, staying age-appropriate when dressing can often make you look younger without even trying! If you’ve moved past your 20’s, then skip the miniskirts and crop tops and wear cuts of clothing that fit, flatter, and flaunt your beautiful body shape and unique personal style. The result will astound you and turn heads wherever you go. Staying age-appropriate doesn’t mean wearing nightgowns and rollers in your hair necessarily–you have plenty of years left for that in the future! While it is best to steer clear of revealing neck and hemlines, there are dozens of styles that can keep your wardrobe sexy and interesting available in shops today! Try shops like Talbot’s, Lane Bryant, and Ann Taylor for the most up-to-date fashions.

Accessorizing is one of the most fun parts of developing a personal style–and middle-aged women shouldn’t be scared of it! Between jewelry, hats and hair accessories, shoes and handbags, there is an entire world of complementing accessories that can bring a sense of style and sophistication to your modern wardrobe. Invest in a well-made, high-quality pair of black leather ankle boots–they’ll easily pair with trousers, denim, and dresses for effortless class and coolness. Skip the big, gawdy purse for a sleek, small wristlet or a classy satchel that complements the personal style you’re seeking to portray. When it comes to jewelry, this is where the fun really happens. If you keep your outfit simple and sleek, then you’ll be more free to indulge in wild and expressive accessories like statement necklaces, dangling earrings, and funky rings. Try shops like Talbot’s and Nordstrom for this season’s most fashionable accessories.

Post Author: Kerwin Lowell