Quick Guide To The Best Fashion Jewellery Styles Of The Moment!

Much like clothing, jewellery trends change every season, and some styles are always better than others. If you are someone who likes to stock trending fashion jewellery styles, we have listed down the things you must buy at the moment.

  • Chunky earrings. Expect to see more of chunky and giant earrings next year. These are not your run-of-the mill danglers. Instead, you have oversized studs, tassel designs and even one-earring in the jumbo size. The idea is to play around with a lot of different colours and patterns, and don’t have to even match these with your outfits.
  • Layered pendants. One pendant is not enough anymore. Come 2018, you will find a lot of layered neckpieces, with each layer having a unique pendant of its own. Layered pendants make an instant statement, and these are pretty minimal too, so you can choose to wear these pieces to work.
  • Gold hoops. Hoops never go out of fashion, but the current season is more about big golden hoops that can work wonders with Indian and western outfits alike. Hoops are minimalistic, so if you go for one of the dainty pieces, you can pair them with formal outfits too.
  • Stackable rings. Why wear one ring, when you can stack many together? For a while, mid-finger rings were trending everywhere, but now, it is just about stacking these together. Think of the unique coloured bands or even studded designs, which can adorn one finger of your choice. You can go for one of the big chunky rings too for the centre of the design.

  • Big bracelets. Either in form of big link chains or as statement singular pieces, you will see a lot of bracelets in months to come. Back in fall 2017-2018 shows, the chunky bracelet made an instant impression, and designers were stacking many for each hand, creating a beautiful mess that’s likeable and yet chaotic. If you like your accessories to be bold, this is the trend to go for.
  • Tassel earrings. For those who are fond of colourful fashion earrings, tassels designs are meant for them. These don’t have to match your outfit, but you can always go for something really fun and happening that stands on its own. Tassel earrings work well with more studded stones, so look for the high-end pieces.
  • Afghan earrings. Afghan jewellery was everywhere in 2017, and if the trend is to go by, the idea is not leaving the fashion scene soon. Expect to see more colourful variants with mirror designs and even big danglers with ethnic elements in the days ahead. You can also mix and match this style with tassels and pompoms.

Check online now and start shopping – there’s a lot to stock.

Post Author: Kerwin Lowell