Slow Fashion is about Investing in Higher Quality Clothing

A lot of people having a full closet but complain about not having something to wear. This happens as a result of trend-driven consumption. But, as people start to invest in quality pieces, they will recognize the true value of a garment and assess its versatility. In turn, this helps them own a wardrobe with a strong base of timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched in a lot of ways. This is where slow fashion comes into the picture.

Slow fashion is an approach to fashion that takes into account the resources and processes required for making clothing, especially concentrating on sustainability. It means purchasing better quality garments which will last for a long time.

How the World is Adopting the Slow Fashion

With today’s slow fashion, people are seeing old ways coming back into the picture. People purchase fewer garments at higher quality and those made from more sustainable processes. They pay attention to the art of clothes making and appreciate the skills of those who made them.

For brands, this means offering products in a way that is most considerate to the environment and humanity. They have to come up with a system that works without leaving a negative footprint. It is about being transparent about the materials their products are made from and the way in which they are made. Also, brands offer a sustainable clothing guide to increase awareness of their movement. For consumers, this means sticking with what they have for a long time or buying higher quality clothes and getting the most out of them. They choose the pieces that suit their style to see themselves wearing those pieces many times.

Should you Care?

Slow fashion offers a lot of benefits. For instance, they offer living wages in safe work environments for people. It minimizes the carbon footprint of every piece of clothing using more sustainable fibers, natural dyes, and closed-loop production. Thus, as you wear and dispose of your disposable clothing, you don’t pollute water with chemicals from dyes and fibers and you can expect your garments to decompose. Using sustainable clothing makes you feel more connected to your own style, environment, community, and the craftspeople who made your clothing and accessories.

If you want to get involved with the slow fashion movement, start by becoming a more conscious consumer. You can also take your involvement to the next level by taking part in slow fashion campaigns carried out by non-profit organizations that work to safeguard the environment.

Post Author: Kerwin Lowell