Types of Fashion Photography Offered in Los Angeles

The success of any model partly lies in the hands of the fashion photographer. As their talent will only get them so far, they won’t be able to portray half of that without the fashion photographer. As their entire career rides on getting great shots. The basic genre of fashion photography is about showing fashion related material. Such as clothes and accessories covered at great locations, that help creates a story and help you stand out with a specific style.

There are three main styles used in fashion photography, and they are editorial, high-end fashion, and catalog. Another style that has recently gained a lot of popularity is street fashion photography. Where street fashion photography and catalog photography is quite different, most people get confused between high-end fashion photography, and editorial. So before you head out and hire a fashion photographer, know they kind of services that are being offered by fashion photographers in Los Angeles.

Editorial Fashion Photography

Editorial fashion photography is used by many magazines today, as it follows a set story, and style is the main focus. During such shoots models are photographed in the entire range, and at different times of the day. This means they will be featuring everything from morning wear to night wear. Here the models are required to enact the story, as the fashion photographer guides and shoot them. Here the professional fashion photographer is key, as he/she will be able to create a powerful story.

High-End Fashion Photography

High-End Fashion Photography is offered to leading fashion brands that are looking for advertisement of their products. During such shots, the fashion photographer takes images of famous supermodels, and actresses and even actors. During these images, the clothing and accessory choice is further away from reality, as it is entirely based on imagination. This really allows for the creative mind to start working, as the poses can be over-the-top. The fashion photographer along with the designer works on creating flawless images by ensuring excellent wardrobe, makeup, hair, location, and lighting.

Catalog Photography

Catalog photographs are printed and used to market to current and possible clients. In this type of photography, the fashion photographer covers the model and apparel in front of a plain backdrop. This helps ensure that each element is well-defined, and ensure that the client will be able to see them clearly to make a purchase.

Street Fashion Photography

Street fashion photography is all about capturing the right essence the street has to offer. It has to do more with fashion is picked up by the general society. Think of it as the fashion of people on the street. It gives you a great insight of what they wear, how they perceive fashion, and how they carry it out in their own style. During such photo shoots, fashion photographers take on the daily life of fashionistas. As he/she covers them going about their daily life routine in style.

Post Author: Kerwin Lowell